Dogercise: the Millennial parent workout solution

As a new millennial parent, also known as a “pawent”, I have had to make some lifestyle adjustments. As gym sessions got swapped for dog walks, I realized I didn’t want to gain a friend and also a couch bod. I recognized the need to raise the fitness bar with my furry friend. So to complement my airport yoga routine, which helps me stretch my way through JFK on work trips, I’ve developed a plan for me and my dog to both keep up with the squirrels: dogercise. With this new approach to workouts, you’ll see you lose none of your fitness and gain all the time you need with your fuzzy companion.

Bench press → Puppy press

Use a 10-15 lb dog for toning. To build muscle mass, choose a 20-50 lb dog. On a flat back with bent knees, position one hand on the ribs and one hand mid-belly. Repeat 3 sets of 15 reps. Stretch in between by fully extending arms while scratching your dog’s back in reward for being a good boy.

Running → Chasing

In a place where your dog can be off leash, either in a dog park or a living room, chase dog in circles until he or she has been panting for at least 5 minutes. To get your dog highly motivated to maintain the pursuit, bait him or her with a favorite “keep away” object not intended for chewing, such as a shoe or sock. Ensure that the baiting shoe is not one you will miss.

Mason twists → Mason tugs

Sit on the ground with your back angled at 45 degrees. Get your dog engaged with a tug toy by squeaking or shaking in front of his or her nose. Once dog grips the tug toy, raise legs parallel to the ground, with toes pointed, and pull the tug toy under your legs. Pass the tug toy from one hand to the other, until dog has walked a 180 degree arc under your legs. Repeat the passing for 20 reps. Rest in between sets by snuggling your dog.

Yes, you truly can have it all. And as they grow from puppy to adult, yoga may be the next frontier, with tandem downward dog. Namastay. Good boy.

Airport yoga: the basics

Long weekends like President’s Day can woo us to long flights to the sunshine. And to be in good form for the flight and your vacay, getting your zen on can get you in the right frame to handle the most primal of human settings: the airport gate waiting area. Below are a few simple moves that can be achieved with your travel essentials, including your phone and your luggage.

So remember before you board, to take each waiting opportunity to get that blood flowing and expand outward before you crunch into an economy seat.

Positive Cyc-ology: Peloton and the cultural sweep towards Positive Psych

Peloton seems to be rolling into every media stream from the Tim Ferriss podcast to TV ads to Classpass – so of course I had to give it a whirl. And what I found was not just the club vibe of Soul Cycle but the positive psychology messaging that has permeated our media even more than their marketing.  “Leave everything else outside and bring your best” was my instructor’s charge early in our session.

It reminded me of my first Daybreaker, where the MC told us “love yourself… and let your hips go. Love yourself…and let your hips go.”

 Daybreaker NYC - bringing the good vibes to your day
Daybreaker NYC – bringing the good vibes to your day

In these days of social comparison via Instagram and Facebook, there’s a parallel movement in academia, non-profits, and now businesses to remind people that self actualization cannot be sourced from external affirmation. I kinda dig it – marketing that is catchy and urging on a better you rather than a needier you. I can’t say I’m going to give up my precious NYC apartment real estate for a Peloton bike (think about the opportunity cost per square foot!) But live classes, that I am up for. Preach on Peloton!