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What it really means to be responsible for your own career

Guest post by James Wallace of extroverteddeveloper.com You are responsible for your own career. We’ve probably all heard that phrase before. You may have even seen some advice about what it means. I’ve found that most of that advice revolves around networking and visibility or self-advocacy. Instead, today I’m going to write about what this…

Top five small apartment survival tools

It’s no small feat to live your best life in a big city and a small apartment. Below are a few tools for your urban jungle survival kit, indoor edition. 1. Swap your TV for AR glasses I was so glad my husband did not subject me to She Hulk this fall. Instead, he lay…

Definitely walk before you crawl

I think it’s totally fine that my 8 month-old wants to walk, even though he can barely crawl. As a Millennial, I too expect a promotion every six months.

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