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Has the metaverse missed its moment? Three recent misses explored

If you were looking at “metaverse” mentions alone in 2022 earnings calls, you might be fooled into thinking massive adoption is underway, a-la Facebook in 2007. Mentions of “metaverse” in earnings calls (Q1 2016-Q1 2022) And in the last three years, three concurrent forces emerged that could have catapulted the metaverse into the next ubiquitous …

(Don’t?) try this at home: DIY biotherapeutics are on the rise

Last May, a YouTube video with a fascinating lede caught my eye: a biology student claimed to have cured himself of lactose intolerance through DIY gene therapy. He’d literally grown a cure, popped it in some capsules, and swallowed. Just a few months later, Stanford scientists posted the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine sequence on Github. And …

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