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The Index Card Summary of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is Patrick Lencioni’s New York Times Best Seller for a reason: any team member can see themselves in this list of foibles. Each of the five dysfunctions require leadership interventions to solve. Below is a brief summary of what that entails. The Index Card Summary 1. Building trust What.…

Harvard trained beggar takeaways

The “Harvard trained beggar” snapshot has made the social media rounds, and I had so many reactions. My first thought was: brilliant execution of a social experiment. He earned his pocket change that day. Then my second order thinking kicked in with three more layers: 1. That totally worked! Why? This clever beggar is heightening…

What it really means to be responsible for your own career

Guest post by James Wallace of extroverteddeveloper.com You are responsible for your own career. We’ve probably all heard that phrase before. You may have even seen some advice about what it means. I’ve found that most of that advice revolves around networking and visibility or self-advocacy. Instead, today I’m going to write about what this…

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