Those Three Little Letters Every Girl Wants

I’ve recently added three shiny letters to my name. Not MRS – though that’s soon to come – but MBA. And now that I have re-planted myself in a thriving habitat for my variety, I feel flush with observations about where my ninja-like business skills could give this town of small businesses more facelifts than Beverly Hills. 

My business juju was stirred as I was experiencing my first major life event since finishing my Wharton MBA: wedding dress shopping. The engagement itself was a close second. My love had that look in his eyes. Sneakiness. When I asked, “What are you up to…”, a diamond ring appeared from his sock drawer. (As this is an anonymous blog, the version told in person will be much more gripping. The Facebook version has him kneeling beneath a shimmering waterfall, with me looking gleefully surprised and conveniently camera-ready.) However, if wedding dress shopping could be as efficient as my fiancé’s proposal, several worlds would crumble.

Make no mistake from the beautiful bride photos you’ve all seen, there are layers upon layers of industries and middle men all ready to mark prices up 30% when they hear it’s for your “special day”. While some of this is side-steppable if you don’t say that dollar sign word “wedding”, there’s no getting around that when you’re picking a wedding dress. And I certainly did learn a few things from this catch 22.



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