Doing SJP proud

Bartender: “Hey, how’s your evening going?”

Me: “Great!”

Me: “Wow that’s a lot of beers you have on tap! Must be 15”

Bartender: “20 actually”

Me: “Anything local?”

Bartender: “Actually yes, we have Brooklyn Brewery, Coney Island Lager, The Other Half”

Me: “That’s great! You know a lot of local beers can’t get into bars like this”

Bartender: “Huh?”

Me: “There’s a monopsony among distribution companies; it creates so many logistical challenges.”

Him: “…”

Me: “Microbreweries seem like a tough business! They get squeezed on both sides, with limited number of supplier as well! You need a lot of conviction to start one.”

Bartender: “…”

Me: “Yeah, and –“

Bartender: “Yep, the Other Half is a great IPA.” He wandered to the other end of the bar.

Sarah Jessica Parker would be proud.

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