Positive Cyc-ology: Peloton and the cultural sweep towards Positive Psych

Peloton seems to be rolling into every media stream from the Tim Ferriss podcast to TV ads to Classpass – so of course I had to give it a whirl. And what I found was not just the club vibe of Soul Cycle but the positive psychology messaging that has permeated our media even more than their marketing.  “Leave everything else outside and bring your best” was my instructor’s charge early in our session.

It reminded me of my first Daybreaker, where the MC told us “love yourself… and let your hips go. Love yourself…and let your hips go.”

 Daybreaker NYC - bringing the good vibes to your day Daybreaker NYC – bringing the good vibes to your day

In these days of social comparison via Instagram and Facebook, there’s a parallel movement in academia, non-profits, and now businesses to remind people that self actualization cannot be sourced from external affirmation. I kinda dig it – marketing that is catchy and urging on a better you rather than a needier you. I can’t say I’m going to give up my precious NYC apartment real estate for a Peloton bike (think about the opportunity cost per square foot!) But live classes, that I am up for. Preach on Peloton!

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